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Avenue for Oysters and Drinks 


As exemplars of elegance and refinement, and keeping within your budget the Restaurant on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman is uncompromising in its pursuit of excellence. With a Bird’s Eye view of Central Park and a choice menu Arts & Leisure News Service adds their name to the multitude of accolades for this distinctive Restaurant in New York City at 754 Fifth Avenue on the Plaza.

The Restaurant in Bergdorf Goodman is a modern interpretation of the aristocratic social salon. Like a Park Avenue residence from the age of cosmopolitan glamour. Well-appointed and bright, the drawing room atmosphere is an intimate conversational setting for lunch, tea and early supper or cocktails. The light and sparkling menu is a modern take on classic New York fare.

Located inside Bergdorf's on the 7th floor overlooking the Park, what a view!  The place is decorated in a modern New York City art deco style. Gorgeous.  We were greeted and seated within seconds.  The staff was extraordinarily  friendly.

I started with a LOBSTER BISQUE. Then I had the ASIAN CRAB CAKE SALAD with figs, radicchio, asian pears, snow peas, with a tarragon-poppy seed dressing.  They were the best crab cakes that I ever tasted. It was prepard and seasoned to perfection. There were plenty of choices.

I finished with a dessert and cappuccino. The Creme Brulee was delicious with fresh raspberries inside as well as atop the dessert. It was tastefully presented. The Brownie a la Mode was also attractively presented in the way the brownie pieces were cut and arranged. The ice cream scoops on top included a caramel topping which made it super delicious.

The Restaurant offers ingenious creations that meet the highest culinary standards. The fish and seafood are of excellent quality; as well as the meat, poultry vegetables and fruits are all well worth my recommendation.

Reviewed by Joyce Hauser


As I'm sure you can imagine, if you recall Mimi - himself, he was cut from the cloth that knew or cared little about promotion, advertising, or press.  He was from a different era and dimension.  His "promotion, advertising, and press" was all wrapped up in the pizza and bread he baked everyday.  With gold-laced-like hands, he made the mixture of flour, water, yeast, salt, and cheese speak for itself. 

Mimi came from a family of five generations of bread baking in Vico Equense, Italy.  He was born above the family bakery.  To this day, the bakery is still operating and run by Mimi's younger brother and his children.  When Mimi arrived in New  york the mid-1950's, he translated his bread baking skills into making pizza.  He opened Mimi's Pizzeria in February 1963.  In typical Mimi fashion, there will be no celebrations, but we are "celebrating" fifty years of making pizza - in the same location.

Very few businesses or institutions, of any kind, outlast their creator.  Those that do outlast are a testament of the person behind them.  From a small pizzeria with a takeout window, Mimi built a small neighborhood "institution", where childhood customers return decades later, with their own children in tow.  The same goes for former employees, who return with memories filled in their eyes as they tell their stories of working with Mimi.  It's become a generational pilgrimage. 

My first dough making experience with him, he prodded me to follow him to the front door of the pizzeria.  He opened it, took a half step outside, postured his face up, almost as if was taking in a breath of air, and in broken English, said, "To make a dough, you have to feel the [outside] temperature and moisture.  If its cold outside, warmer water.  If its moist, less yeast."  That was as far as science went into his bread baking - no measuring cups needed.  It was all about using his senses and hands.  To learn and know how to really make bread and pizza, he would hold a batch of dough in his hands and say, "You have to feel.  Feel the dough".

Told to me by Dylan Bernstein who has managed Mimi’s for more than seven years. And it is where I find the best egg plant parmigiana hero with a side dish of pasta. And needless to say the pizza is the best in town.  It basically looks like an old fashioned 70's dineresque-restaurant. There is an inner eating area and an outer dining area next to the windows.  Being next to the windows always seems more fun for the kids.

If you find yourself in the neighborhood drop in for a piece of pizza and say hello .  They will always be glad to see you.
, Mimi’ is located at 1248 Lexington Avenue  (Between  84th and 85th Street. Telephone is (212) 861-3363.

Reviewed by Joyce Hausertc.  The food is basically anything that you already would be
familiar to and not in an experimental mood.

Suggestions from our readers.

P.J. Clarke’s in New York City has stood on the northeast corner of 55th Street for

approximately one hundred and twenty years and even with the changes in the neighborhood still maintains good comforting food. The best hamburger in town.

Review by Neil Peters

Although any of Danny Meyer's restaurants from The Modern to Maialino offers superb cuisine my very favorite is the Union Square Cafe. Since I have experienced dining at the Union Square for approximately 25 years and have consistently had a delicious meal they have proven to be one of the best. Also, Danny has transformed the Union Square neighborhood into a thriving secure area. Not only are his fine dining establishments special but the ever-popular Shake Shack offers delicious burgers and "Concretes" at good prices. 


SMASHBURGER National Burger Day


Smashburger, America’s fastest growing, fast casual “better burger” restaurant, today announced that in celebration of National Burger Day on May 28 it will give away a FREE Classic Smash™ nationwide to anyone with the last name “Burger,” or variations thereof.


According to, there are approximately 21,687 people in the United States with the last name Burger” and 1,530 named “Hamburger.”  Either way, burger lovers with variations of “Burger” – or Berger, Weinberger, Rosenberger, etc. – in their names will receive one FREE Classic Smash™ in recognition of the holiday that celebrates America’s favorite food.  This offer is valid for redemption at all Smashburger locations in the United States. Proof of last name is required (i.e. valid driver’s license, passport or picture ID). Limit one Classic Smash per ID.


“Burgers are an iconic American food.  We’ve been eating them for generations and burgers are America’s favorite food,” said Tom Ryan, Founder of Smashburger.  “But just in the last five years or so, we have seen an explosion in people’s interest to eat higher quality burgers than the typical fast food fare. And with the average person eating 43 hamburgers per year, there is cause for celebration of a national holiday or “National Burger Day.”


“We just opened our 200th restaurant last month and now we are in four international countries,” said David Prokupek, president and CEO of Smashburger.  “We saw the consumer trend in demand for quality burgers in the fast casual segment a few years ago.  Our timing to introduce Smashburger couldn’t have been better.”  Opening its first restaurant in 2007, Smashburger came on the scene and now reports that growth and demand in this better burger segment has never been stronger.  “We see a lot of runway ahead for more growth as people catch on that there is a better way to eat burger,” added Prokupek.


Joyce Hauser